The staff at BCPCC have made such a difference in the growth of all three of my children.  By making them feel safe and secure in toddlers, nuturing their independence at three and getting them ready for kindergarten with their fabulous Pre-K program.  I cannot say enough how positively they have impacted my children's lives and mine as well. 

       -parent of current toddler




Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions, concerns or your feedback into our Program. 

tracy      Program Director

      Tracy Belmonte

      412-242-4424 ext 28



Assistant Director of Child Care

Debbie Weigold

412-242-4424 ext 29


Assistant Administrative Director

Cindy Mathieu

412-242-4424 ext 27


                        Administrative Assistant

                        Dawn Holt

                        412-242-4424 ext 39



Preschool Teachers

Claudia Depner

Shirley Hallstein

Lyn Hellwig 

Eve Herrle 

Libby Keibler

Alice Lisotto

Lindsey Manns

Joyce Petruch

Joannie Sutter

Lauren Vrcic




Full Day Child Care Teachers

Carrie Alcorn        

Dana Cava

Gabrielle Coleman

Patty Gionta        

Caitlin Johnston

Olivia Kuzy

Cathy Leonard

Joanna Lewski-Bauder    

Leigh Lewis         

Sherry Linsenbigler

Teresa Mason                          

Amanda Scifo                            Learning Support/Admin/Floater

Chelsea Snyder

Denise Truxal    

Erin Urbahns

Rachel Zacchero