As new parents, one of the most terrifying concepts is sending your child into the care of someone else.  For our family, that fear lasted one day.  The infant staff is just amazing.  Knowing the "trauma" that each family inevitably faces, they are constantly checking-in, comforting and encouraging.  To say that the infant care team becomes an extension of the family is not at all a stretch.

It made me laugh in our initial pre-care meeting when the teachers asked us for instruction on caring for our baby.  These women had their own kids and 20+ years' of child care experience and they were respectful enough to take and implement our preferences.

We have watched our daughter be stimulated in so many ways- mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually.  Even on the infant level, there was a strong curriculum in which every child participated.  It was a surprise that she had begun painting at 12 weeks!

Now that she is a thriving toddler and moving on to the young toddler class, she is transitioning without issue.  It is clear that while she does not want to go back to the infant room, she has been well prepared by the infant staff.

Thank you many times over for the great care that you have given to our daughter!

-parents of a new young toddler



Infant Care

This room provides care for children ages 6 weeks to 12 months. Children are nurtured at their own developmental level and are supported in their growth with the encouragement of a highly qualified  staff. Not only do educators plan interesting and engaging activities for infants which stimulate their development by introducing new experiences but they also spend time in loving, consistent interactions with each child.